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Top 10 Retail Payment Solution Companies – 2020

Today, as cash transactions slowly become obsolete owing to the rise of digital payment avenues, retailers today have to be abreast of the latest technology advancements and educate themselves on what retail payment solutions they should adopt. At the same time, with the average age of consumers across the world coming down to millennials, retailers have to cope with the shifting customer behavior with respect to payment avenues for their e-commerce purchases. As a result, trends such as mobile wallets, EMV security and mobile POS devices are shaping the future of retail payment processing.

Additionally, technologies such as AI and ML are transforming the payment sector by facilitating hyper-personalized user experiences and seamless fraud detection. Concurrently, the rise and subsequent ubiquity of voice- activated platforms such as Google Home, Alexa, Cortana, and Siri, are also driving retail payment vendors to develop solutions that integrate with these products, thereby boosting the customer satisfaction.

With a comprehensive understanding of these new developments, Retail CIO Outlook has compiled a list of leading retail payment solution and services providers to guide firms in harnessing the power of emerging technologies to tackle today’s retail payment challenges. In this edition, a distinguished panel of Retail CIO Outlook’s editorial board has identified the ‘Top 10 Retail Payment Solution Providers – 2020.” The companies showcased in this issue have exhibited extensive knowledge, strategy, and means to delivering products and services that ensure effective and long-term business success.

    Top Retail Payment Solution Companies

  • Cliq is a unique payment solution provider that offers a myriad if payment solutions to all kinds of businesses across various industry segments. The company is big enough to handle any requirement and small enough to care even for the smallest issue. As a third-party payment processor, Cliq has the capacity to provide its customers with virtually any type of payment solution, including Merchant Processing Services, Pay by text, Prepaid Card MasterCard and Visa productss, ACH for Electronic Check Processing, Tips Management, Expense Cards, Remote Payment Processing, and Retail Point of Sale Payment Processing Solutions

  • A leading provider of payment processing and merchant services, Electronic Merchant Systems empowers business owners to improve their financial well-being. With a vision to change the industry narrative, EMS is helping retail organizations overcome their mistrust of change and embrace disruptions to enjoy evolutionary progress. On a mission to empower small to mid-sized businesses increase their financial well-being, EMS has elevated their merchant services to complete solutions that allow business owners to not only accept all forms of payment, but improve profitability, operations, and efficiencies

  • An industry leading software provider for eCommerce, Point of Sale and Merchant Service solutions, Gearfire Payments helps businesses achieve their goals by making it easier to sell online, collect payments and manage their in-store operations

  • GEOBRIDGE is a leading information security solutions and compliance provider that supports a diverse global client base in retail, financial services, healthcare, manufacturing and government markets

  • ConsumerPay


    ConsumerPay has become a leader in security by making sure your business takes all the necessary steps to securing payment solutions. ConsumerPay has become a leader in security by making sure your business takes all the necessary steps to securing your payment solutions.ConsumerPay believes in Quality Products with Superior Customer Service

  • OLB Group

    OLB Group

    OLB Group is a complete OMNI solution to build & manage your online store. It’s a proven technology platform with integrated payment, logistics, & customer acquisition solutions. OLB Group, with 15 years of experience in retail and detail, is suitable for every category of value retailing powered by our platform

  • PXP


    PXP Financial will help to build an unrivaled commerce experience and best payment journey for your customers based on latest technology. PXP Financial is an end-to-end payment platform, providing a single unified solution to accept payments online, on mobile, and at the point of sale. PXP Financial team have 50 years of combined experience in shaping and leading innovation in the payment space

  • SeedERP


    Provide industry business owners everything they need to manage their business properly, in one place. With SeedERP, we streamline business operations and removes headaches from trying to integrate different sales channels or marketing tools. SeedERP is an asset of CloudPay Technologies Inc. which is an enterprise resource planning software that tries to alleviate the current cumbersome process of fragmented technologies

  • Total Pay

    Total Pay

    Total Pay LLC offers many EMV solutions, and additionally we give you the possibility of using the latest in NFC (Near Field Communication) technology, allowing you to accept transactions from ApplePay, Google Wallet, Android Pay, Samsung Pay, and Soft Touch. Total Pay Solutions leverages more than a century of collective experience in the electronic payments business. From traditional payment processing to electronic invoicing and eCommerce solutions, Total Pay Solutions makes processing credit cards effortless yet safe with our PCI-compliant proprietary platform

  • Transaction Resources

    Transaction Resources

    TRI recognizes a company’s most important asset is its employees, so our staff is full of experience from hardware and software providers, network processors, banks, and merchants in retail, restaurant, internet and lodging

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