Bill Felberg, Vice President of Sales, Electronic Merchant SystemsBill Felberg, Vice President of Sales
“The cave you fear to enter contains the treasures you seek”—Joseph Campbell.

It goes without saying that change is the only constant in the retail industry—changes that many merchants have reluctantly overlooked to avoid complexities. However, these new changes also mean new opportunities to learn, grow, and succeed. The year 2020 marks a huge difference in this change curve, wherein the pandemic emerged as a catalyst bringing out the need for innovation and ‘readiness for change’ into the direct spotlight. The coronavirus crisis is a testament to how many aspects of the deeply rooted retail ecosystem must change with time, including payments. With the prevailing global trend of shifting from cash and card payments to digital payment methods, retail merchants and brick and mortar stores are striving hard to offer alternatives to physical payment transactions. Evidently, embracing this transformation is an uphill journey for most organizations. A company that has fared well in this rapidly changing landscape is Electronic Merchant Systems (EMS).

With a vision to change the industry narrative, EMS is helping retail organizations overcome their mistrust of change and embrace disruptions to enjoy evolutionary progress. On a mission to empower small to mid-sized businesses increase their financial well-being, EMS has elevated their merchant services to complete solutions that allow business owners to not only accept all forms of payment, but improve profitability, operations, and efficiencies.

EMS recognizes that their merchants need more than band-aid fixes for their payment processing systems. They need resilient payment technology equipment that works in harmony with their business operations to promote growth and success. Especially right now, when purse strings are pulled a bit tighter, business owners are searching for cost-savings wherever they can. EMS recognized this need long ago and set out to provide the latest innovative payment solutions at the lowest rates possible. These ideals of offering affordable rates without sacrificing quality have helped EMS grow into the payment processing powerhouse that it is today.

For example, one of the many solutions EMS brings to the table to help restaurants thrive is Total Touch Point of Sale®. Total Touch is an integrated point of sale (POS) solution that not only allows restaurants to manage their online orders and payments, but also streamlines their sales, inventory, operations, and more. The easy-to-use software for all restaurant types, Total Touch alleviates system downtime frustrations and is a boon forrestaurant owners to keep their business running in these dire COVID-19 circumstances.

In essence, EMS is a leading provider of payment processing and merchant services that has been serving business owners across the country for more than 30 years. With an innovative suite of flexible business solutions, advanced high-quality services, and a highly proficient and experienced team of professionals, EMS equips merchants with reliable payment processing that is secure, user-intuitive, and offers impressive functionality. Whether a business is seeking payment processing terminals, a mobile loyalty program, or complete point of sale system, EMS is equipped to help. At its core, the company is committed to helping merchants focus on what they do best instead of worrying about payment processing and associated challenges.

EMS is uniquely positioned in the market for its ability to deliver cutting-edge merchant services and payment processing solutions to businesses across the nation. The company was initially founded in 1988 to support traditional retail merchants with high-quality payment processing services and solutions. Over the years, EMS utilized its ingrained knowledge and expanded its focus to offer innovative eCommerce and mobile payment solutions to help merchants thrive in the ever-changing digital payments landscape. Today, the company’s deep-rooted experience propels EMS to emerge as a
market leader. “Our local presence and footprint also make us unique. We have 12 different regional offices, that cover most of the United States. We also have an agent program and an inside sales team that serve other parts of the country. And most importantly, we don’t outsource our customer service, and are available for our customers 24/7/365,” states Bill Felberg, Vice President of Sales, Electronic Merchant Systems.

Our local presence and footprint also make us unique. We have 12 different regional offices, that cover most of the United States

Best-in-Class Suite of Products

Other than Total Touch, EMS offers a comprehensive suite of products, including: EMSmobile, MaxxPay®, POS Terminals, Gift & Loyalty Cards, Web Commerce, Web Design, and Payment Gateways.

EMSmobile, supported by EMS’ Virtual Terminal technology, is a simple yet powerful front and back-office payment acceptance method for any small business. It is compatible with iOS and Android devices and offers on-site mobile payment acceptance, email invoicing, a secure vault for storing card information, and recurring payment features. EMS addresses the growing popularity of mobile wallets by providing NFC-enabled and EMV-certified POS terminals that adhere to the utmost security standards. These terminal solutions suit all business types and support any payment interface, such as ApplePay, GooglePay, EMV chip credit, and more.

MaxxPay®, EMS’ cloud-based, cost-effective point of sale solution, is intricately designed to connect a store with its customers and is scalable for any small business. Available in three versions–Premier, Pro, and Mini – MaxxPay® serves all singleor multi-station unit needs for accepting payments. The EMS creative team also designs unique gift and loyalty cards to establish a bond between merchants and their customers. “We bring to our customers a wide range of solutions and services–a vast toolbox that allows customers to choose tools that best meet their needs. It’s not a one-size-fits-all solution, but multiple products that help them save money and at the same time, conduct organized, structured transactions,” says Felberg.


EMS always goes the extra mile to help merchants stand-out in the “adapt-or-die” competitive paradigm. No matter where a business stands, EMS is never a far-away destination. The Ohio-based firm also offers web hosting services that give its merchants virtual real estate on the internet. Data storage, email, web transfer, design, and administrative tools from EMS have been instrumental in allowing eCommerce organizations to jump start their digital journeys and enhance their web presence. EMS’ web professionals use their creative acumen to design websites that are contextually relevant to the target audience and adapt across desktop, tablet, and mobile devices. To that end, EMS’ PCI-compliant payment gateway securely handles any transaction made through these websites.

In a nutshell, working with EMS allows merchants to spend more time focusing on their business than stressing about payment solutions or training employees on tricky payment processing devices. The company aims to continue revamping its solutions and services to remain technologically advanced. “Our future will be governed by incessant growth in the domain we are in. We look forward to expanding our geographical footprint to serve as many merchants as possible. We want to grow by establishing stronger relationships with merchants in varied markets,” concludes Felberg.