Ted Fuller, Merchant Services Expert, FullPaymentTed Fuller, Merchant Services Expert
Card-based payments grow exponentially and will never run out of style. The convenience, assurance, and reporting electronic payments provide in any situation are unrivaled even today when online methods are growing increasingly popular. However, there is one massive flaw in the card processing world: merchants continue to leverage technology that is nearly 40 years old, and hence the chances of a transaction going wrong are only too high. "The magnetic strips on the back of a c ard use the same science behind cassette tapes. And when was the last time anyone used a cassette tape?" asks Ted Fuller, a merchant services expert with over 15 years of experience in the field. His question brings into perspective the dire plight of merchants concerning their card processing operations. And while the introduction of EMV technology in 2015 has helped banks and merchants operate more effectively, the cost to issue new cards and replace hardware, combined with general confusion, slowed the adoption considerably. Fuller clarifies the issue by stating that, more often than not, a store owner lacks the necessary knowledge about his or her card machines and how their banks function past the point of sale.

This situation did not sit right with Fuller. Thus, he leveraged his skills and tremendous experience in his chosen field to establish his company: FullPayment, for the sole purpose of improving merchant services across the nation. "Electronic payment methods are continually evolving and so are card processing technologies. By consistently updating ourselves, we extend quality services to small banks, credit unions, and merchants to adapt, stay updated, and run their business hassle-free," adds Fuller.

Since its inception in 2011, FullPayment has always focused on people. According to its founder, "You build a reputation by earning people's trust. And to do that, you have to make the right promises and then make sure to deliver." By staying true to his ethos, Fuller led his staff with the most experienced minds he had the pleasure of meeting and, with their capabilities, delivered on his company's promises.

About FullPayment's credit card and payment processing services, each offering customized around a client's specific needs. Fuller and his team leverage a customer engagement approach that was unique to them concerning human relationships. This mantra is because all of FullPayment's employees began their careers in environments that necessitated a people-first attitude, which led them to grow as professionals. They use this experience to sit down with a client and ask the right questions to understand what exactly ails the business. After that, FullPayment's professionals offer tailored practices and solutions to suit the client's present and expected needs.

Such a professional service, coupled with the excellent customer engagement experience, has allowed FullPayment's independence from marketing itself; most of its clients are referrals.

FullPayment, with its payment processing services, empowers a merchant to offer its customers a wide array of payment options. Ranging from traditional credit and debit cards to eChecks and current payment facilitators (PayFac) like PayPal, Fuller's company acts as a platform for its clients, allowing them to grow cost-effectively.

Furthermore, as businesses move toward a more globalized marketplace, FullPayment helps merchants seamlessly process domestic and international transactions while managing their billing and invoicing operations to ensure that every penny reconciles. The company supports its clients with technologies that transform any smartphone into a POS for improved revenue generation and customer
experience (CX), with added features that store a customer's information securely to effectuate one-click billing for future purchases.

Electronic payment methods are continually evolving and so are card processing technologies. By always evolving, we offer modern technology and excellence in services to small banks, credit unions, and merchants to adapt, stay updated, and run their business hassle-free

Through every transaction, FullPayment has taken the most robust security measures to safeguard its clients' privacy. This dedication paved the way for the company's PCI DSS Level 1 certification. "We are a rock-solid, highly secured shop," states Fuller. Using modern cybersecurity systems, the company offers two-factor verification for thorough authentication alongside advisory risk management and AML solutions. Furthermore, FullPayment is industry agnostic. The company employs the latest analytics technologies to run real-time analysis and set scheduled notifications and generate highly customizable reports for a merchant in any business line.

Calling back to its people-first culture, FullPayment, with its ISO and Agents category of services, strives to streamline enterprise-wide processes through expert guidance. The company's specialists help clients smoothly transition into new systems that process cards expeditiously.

FullPayment's intuitiveness continues to show through the many options it displays. The company empowers clients to modify their brand while adding new features to existing solutions using a series of APIs and developer documentation for additional customization.

To further elaborate on the company's capabilities, Fuller recalls the success story of a client who is both literally and figuratively close to him. This client owns a specialty wine store at the corner of the street near Fuller's residency. After visiting the store as a customer a few times, Fuller noticed certain misgivings about the owner's card processing machine, which hindered daily billing activities and decreased CX. Fuller explained his observations to the store owner to help improve the current state of affairs. Following a comprehensive statement of the existing workflows and a Q&A with the shopkeeper, FullPayment identified all the gaps and began producing insightful advice for necessary changes in the merchant's equipment. The client's card processing experience was much improved, where each transaction was smooth and convenient to both the customer and the register attendant. For example, a patron would have to scan their card themselves, and the POS machine will take care of the rest, a zero-contact transaction that bodes well in situations such as today's COVID-19 pandemic.

FullPayment's keen inclination for constant improvement and its highly certified security standards has helped position itself as the preferred platform in the card processing marketplace. Moving forward, the company intends to increase its domestic and international client base. FullPayment's payment facilitator (PayFac) initiatives will further simplify customer onboarding for various eCommerce applications while retaining their security and privacy. Through Fuller and his experience-packed team's efforts, merchant services and card processing's future evolve performance and payment protection for all merchants.